A Sense of Reality in Crisis

by Haltlose

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releases August 5, 2037

Music by Toni except 5 and 7 by Pepe
Lyrics by Pepe
Arrangements by Haltlose

Recorded at Black Floyd's Analog Studio 7th of May 2016
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tapio Lepistö
Cover artwork by Suvi Nopanen

Samu - drums
Toni - guitars
Lauri - vocals
Pepe - guitars, vocals
Arttu - bass



all rights reserved


Haltlose Kotka, Finland

Metallic hardcore/crust-punk band from Kotka, Finland.

Lauri (vocals)
Toni (guitar, vocals), Pepe (guitar, vocals), Samu (drums), Arttu (bass).

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Track Name: Carrier Birds
Did we try everything in our power to held it in quarantine?
Or did we simply gave up to the naive beliefs?

Roaming across the world like the carrier birds
Causing epidemics so vast and feral

Seems impossible to be stopped once it exits this land
International legislation permits the free entry
Once spread all over the globe, reducing the risks in vain
No river is left unpolluted, no forests are left unburned

Roaming across the world like the carrier birds
Defiling the roots of all natural resources
Until there is not single healthy child

We didn't try everything in our power to held it in quarantine
We simply gave up to the fucked up beliefs
...and they try to claim that the fault is everyone else's

Roaming across the world like the carrier birds
Causing epidemics so vast and feral
Roaming across the world like the carrier birds
Defiling the roots of all natural resources
Track Name: Have Faith
Armies of fervor in different forms
Some serve in streets, others in boards
Guided by choices made long ago
Departed views now blinding doctrines
You fucked your ethics on false prophets
Origin tought you more understanding

You all kill in the name of same illusion
Enslave for the sake of same delusion
Condemn the rest for neglecting your words
Have faith! Believe in those rewards

How come good values can turn into grief?
Or is the end justified by means?
For what is left is only blood and tears

Have faith motherfucker!!!
Track Name: A Sense Of Reality In Crisis
The great mass of silent approves with shrugs
Those acts of terror won't consern us
Happy to settle for allegations
Petetiously justified

Features from something that won't get us far
Not disturbed by empathy, conscience or moral dilusions
A sense of reality lost in the mob
Of heedless bullshit, heedless fucking bullshit!

The great mass of absent approved with turned backs
From where they should have been countless times before
Make no mistake that this leaves behind
Nothing but venom, shit, piss and grudge
Track Name: World Wide Knowledge
Opened eyes, still so few looking
Bright minds, yet no understanding
Immediate learning, whole time is wasted
World wide knowledge - so fucking useless!

Presence made clear as top priority
Main thing is to feel indignation
Formenting terror, stoking the fire
There are no impartial grounds

How come you cannot find intelligent life, adapted minds
Despite the fact that you are one touch away form gathered wisdom

Fucked up the chance to reach higher awareness
Much rather use all the means to lose humanity
Track Name: Of Misuse and Mistrust
When entire nations are fucked with so called democrasy
The responses seem to vary with regional variables
But not on deceitful party shoud ever feel trustful
For captious weak slogans easily turn into petrol bombs

Eveng among these moderate people you can cause mistrust
You can squeeze the boundaries way beyond tolerance
So don't be so surprised when your company cars burn
There's no one else to blame but you if your bullshit lies can't hold

Will you let your people pay the price?
Will you misuse your position of trust?
Are you ready to put out the fires?
Are you ready to put your ass in line?
Track Name: Lion
Confused about the way of choice about the sense of pride
How everyone should feel this way guidence in their lives
But judgement seems to fall on him but not from void tribe
Oh so young and so naive, your path is filled with mines


How come these humble ideas turn into majority's fears
For what has done in it's name, unable to connect the stain
If only could take some time and take a good look behind
For something will always make sure, your ism's are doomed to fail

The lion on your chest and false thank you's
Are there only to remind you
How your actions and assumptions
Should base on hate and despise

The lion on your chest and false thank you's
Are all based on hate and despise
Track Name: All Faith Lost
Moments for trying, moments for crying, moments for fighting
Days that lift up, days that kick back, days that strike down
Upmost things however in this doubtful being are the endless pits
Cause for every lifting thrill
always seems to follow the necessary sanction

Is this the part when I am suppose to show some faith
And forget that fucking shit
Continue to jerk off on every single thing
That creates illusion of hope

Nights in resting, nights in dwelling, nights in ending
Fights for staying, fights for leaving, fights for lasting
Upmost thing however, in this fucking being is the constant duel
Against every goddamn feeling
agaist every state of mind every fucking day
Track Name: Tolerant As Fuck
Why is it so hard to forgive not to mention forgetting?
We see enemies where there are none
We suspiciously search for spies
There's no acceptance for past mistakes
As we hold tight of our tolerance
Which is blinded by fear and evolved in to biased minds

I'm afraid that where this will go
I don't want to hear those blames
And see the pointless dualism
There are only two types of reached hands
The ones that pull to the shore
And the ones that reach to heil

Is it easier to share scandals?
The needs to be displeased?
Than even trying to undestand sincere apologies
Or use them as excuses to stress our eminence
Is it in our best behaviour for let them point out the paradox?