by Haltlose

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released October 24, 2014

Music by Toni & Pepe
Lyrics by Pepe

Recorded and mixed by Markus Beerfinger at Studio Ass/Fuck! during summer 2014
Mastered by Jani Paakala

Cover art by Zac Mauer

haltloseband AT gmail . com



all rights reserved


Haltlose Kotka, Finland

Metallic hardcore/crust-punk band from Kotka, Finland.

Lauri (vocals)
Toni (guitar, vocals), Pepe (guitar, vocals), Samu (drums), Arttu (bass).

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Track Name: Slump
global adopted ways
silent acceptance
from time to time
aware of falling
what is this sudden bullshit

born for the struggle
pleasant starting point
from time to time
made to suffer
fuck all this sudden bullshit

the obvious reason for mistakes
must be the discriminated
fucked up accusations
shit excuse of the cause

always the same mistake
always the same do the paying
fuck all this same old bullshit

the obvious reason for mistakes
must be the discriminated
fucked up accusations
shit excuse of the cause
Track Name: Unshocking
unknown features to life
unhealthy ways
threshold to grab the knife
below approved
while building up indifference
immoral days
protesting own enlightment
paid defecation

compete against the pervert nation
unhuman crowd
release the scoop for no reaction
unhuman crowd

unknown features to life
unvalued days
meaningless inner strife
unshocking ways
Track Name: Extremist
even the innocent realization
can build up walls in inner self
moats can prevent healthy escaping
is it a haven or a prison?

those who shouldn't have voices
are making the choices
slowing the hopeful progress
fanatic mental pollution
brings the final solution
donating the distress

stepping on traps of thin reasoning
ideas out of nothing
embracing the blind true beliefs
entering the camp 14
Track Name: For Once
so many have heard the calming words
the night is darkest just before the dawn
but how many lifetimes will it take
to finally witness the rising of the sun

exeption for once

everyday illusions of choice
left behind the ruins of hope
everything granted passed beyond
there's only the depth of gratitude

a will to survive carries on
once more
replaced by fear of tomorrow
only once

too many nights awake in sleep
the obvious reason for the collapse
finally the climpse of light
shows nothing but a tragic fortress
Track Name: Natural
raping a baby in cradle
reasons cannot be enabled
enslaving the cunts in cellar
maggots in every dweller


why to deny oneself?
something will always help
parasites need the genocide
well being no need to hide
welfares poor production
real cause of destruction?!?
expected repulsive deceit
next one shall surely repeat


raping a baby in cradle
enslaving the cunts in cellar
slaying the elders in ease
expected repulsive deceit

wearing the mask of mankinds shame
scapegoat for society's blame
reasoned shit of every seller
identify maggots from every dweller